Jerod Flohr

Jerod Flohr2 (2).JPGWe like big jets and we cannot lie! This Douglas TA-4 Skyhawk will be flown by Jerod Flohr who has over 10,000 hours and has spent most of his career as an aerobatic instructor and mentor in Pitt’s, T-28’s, T-6’s, even jets as large as Gulfstream G550’s. It is a two-seat carrier-based attack aircraft developed for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps in the early 1950s. It was used by Top Gun and the Blue Angels! The Skyhawk’s delta-wing and relatively light weight give it a top speed of more than 670 miles per hour! This Skyhawk took over 5 years to totally restore and over 2,000 pounds of weight was removed, making it weigh less than its single seat counterparts. With almost 17,000 horsepower, Skyhawk “518” is powered by the legendary J52-P8B engine producing 9,300 pounds of thrust (roughly 1,000 pounds more thrust than a stock “TA-4J”). 

Born in Stanton, TX, Jerod Flohr wanted to be a pilot from the time he was three years old after attending his first Airshow. He worked a variety of jobs including in the oil fields and as a waiter to pay for flight school. He not only flies airplanes but jumps out of them too with 13 solo jumps! Follow Jerod on his Facebook page.

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