Greg Howard

Greg-Howard.jpgGreg Howard started flying in 1974, doing odd jobs at the airport to pay for flying lessons. He got his private pilot’s license and eventually got his own plane – a 1947 Luscombe. He used the Luscombe to commute to work, but like any commute, it quickly became boring. So to combat the boredom, Greg began doing basic aerobatics on his way to and from work.

After the Luscombe and a few Pitts’, Greg now flies the G-200. At 900 pounds with 200 HP this carbon fiber aircraft is high energy and high performance.

Greg has been performing precision aerobatics in the Northwest since 1980 and has over 3,800 aerobatic hours logged. He is a five-time Northwest Regional Aerobatic Champion in the Unlimited category and former member of the US National Aerobatic Team. Greg's sequence is constantly moving and virtually all the action is tightly packed towards show center.

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