Justin Homan

homan_mobilebio.pngWhen it comes to freestyle motocross Justin Homan has one of the longest running careers of all time. A true "OG," Justin has been around since the early days and has competed all over the world - winning Gold medals in both the X Games and Gravity Games, a Bronze medal in the 2004 Thailand X-Games, several regional FMX competitions (2008-2013), was a finalist in the 2008 Int’l X-Games, and Champion in the 2005 Asian X-Games. For seven straight years Homan competed in Summer X, Winter X and Gravity Games, making it to the finals every time. He was the eighth athlete in the world to complete the backflip in competition. Justin has never had a problem laying it all on the line.

But FMX is just his weekend career. Justin manages to combine two seemingly unrelated worlds - he holds down a 9-5 corporate job as the general manager for AmeriTitle Inc., in Prineville while also running his own freestyle demo company, MX Thirteen. Find out more about this phenomenal performer at www.justinhoman.com.


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