Jodi Rueger

JodiAndPittsS1S.jpgJodi Rueger is a former airline and current aerobatic pilot, born in London, Ontario, Canada. With no family aviation background or funding, she worked hard and sought to earn many scholarships/work in the service industry to subsidize her training. She went on to become a flight instructor and aerobatic instructor in the greater Vancouver area where she flew 80 types of aircraft over the course of 5 years and to date has flown roughly 95 different types! As an accomplished commercial pilot, Jodi flew a Boeing 737 as her day job. ​

At the Airshow of the Cascades, Jodi will be flying her Pitts S1-S. The Pitts S-1S is a single seat biplane with fabric covering and a Lycoming 360 engine 180 hp fixed pitch propeller. Jodi is also a talented and enthusiastic flight instructor, sharing her expertise with budding aerobatic pilots. Her love of aerobatic flying and ambition to continue to learn every day she flies led her to competitive and display aerobatics. When she’s not airborne, she enjoys snowboarding, and learning basic aircraft repair and build techniques from one of her sponsors - AI Systems. She goes by the name “Plucky” because she has won aerobatic competitions in the past against planes with twice her performance and 20x the cost. 

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