Jim Bourke

Bourke2.jpgJim’s aviation interests began in his childhood - he loved airshows and earned his pilot’s license as a teenager. He is an avid enthusiast of radio controlled models and drones, has appeared on the Discovery channel, and made many media appearances related to aerobatics, aviation, and radio control.

Jim competes in the highest category of aerobatic competition and is the most active competitor in the country, averaging 10 contests per year from Washington to Florida. Known for his aggressive style, he is currently undefeated in freestyle aerobatic competition and is a nationally qualified aerobatic judge. He traveled the world in 2017 as a member of the 2017 United States Aerobatic Team.

Jim’s show is a high energy display of the capabilities of the Extra 330LX featuring a complete repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers from precision flight to gyroscopic tumbling. The Extra 330LX is a 315hp unlimited class composite aerobatic monoplane, built in Germany and is capable of more than 1 roll every second. During his performance, Jim routinely pulls 9gs or more, pushes 7gs, and reaches speeds of 250 mph! 

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