Bend Aircraft Flight Services

Pic - Fisher, Josn.jpgTake your first flight lesson with Bend Aircraft Flight Services!

For $75 you can begin working toward your pilot license. One of our certified flight instructors will take you up in a Cessna 172 and give you a basic lesson. You can take the controls and perform basic maneuvers and decide if aviation is a path you would like to follow.

We will also have a pilot available in our booth to answer questions about the details and expense of flight training. Our goal is to help you realize your dreams of flight!

We will be offering discovery flight from 2-7 on Friday, and from 9-1 on Saturday during the Airshow.

Due to limited availability you may reserve a spot ahead of time by emailing us at

Bend Aircraft Services pilot, Josh Fisher, got out of the Navy in 2007 and used his GI Bill to attend the Aviation program at Central Oregon Community College.  He’s a rated CFI/CFII with high performance and complex ratings.  Josh has ferried aircraft, flown skydivers, but his passion is instruction. Josh currently holds a 100% pass rate with students going through check rides and has planned on making a career as a Certified Flight Instructor.   



Pic - Travis.jpg
Travis’s passion for aviation began as a child when he got his first ride in a Cessna 172. After earning his

Private Pilot certificate at age 19, he joined the Army and served for six years as an aircraft mechanic.

Travis then went on to attend Central Oregon Community College’s aviation program. Since that time,
he has earned his Commercial Single and Multi-Engine ratings, CFI, and CFII, as well as complex, high-
performance, and tailwheel endorsements.
He now enjoys working as a flight instructor because it
allows him to help student pilots achieve their goals and to share in the beauty of flight.



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