Stefan Trischuk

Stefan.jpgStefan Trischuk’s quest is to achieve perfect control of his aircraft. He spends countless hours practicing and seeks guidance from the world’s best aerobatic coaches to learn the art of painting a picture in the sky with an aircraft.

Stefan’s childhood dream was to experience flight. He built his own hang glider at age 12 after only seeing a picture of one in a magazine. Stefan earned his Ultralight Pilot License at age19 and soon upgraded to a Private Pilot License in order to flyaerobatics. He currently holds a Commercial Pilot License with a multi-engine rating. However, he focuses on aerobatic flying and has experience in several types of high performance aerobatic biplanes and modern composite monoplanes as well as multi-engine and tail wheel aircraft. 

Stefan is one of the featured pilots on the TV show "AIRSHOW" on Discovery Channel. Produced by the creators of the hit show "Highway Through Hell," "Airshow" follows the inner workings of North America's top air show pilots as they cross the continent every summer performing in air shows.

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